Write for Books for Sail

Specialised knowledge is a valuable commodity and can be immensely useful to others. So, if you have expertise in any particular field – not necessarily technical – we would like to hear from you.


As you will have read on our Home Page, this site is still under construction. What’s accessible so far is just a fraction of what the site will grow into. At present you will find a series of free-to-view articles, each one of them informative it itself. In many cases an article will have covered its topic adequately – meaning there is little more to say on the subject – but others will eventually lead onwards to e-books that can be downloaded at attractive prices, a substantial proportion of which will go to the e-books author.

For example a Sell that Boat article will contain a link to Find and Buy that Boat – a book of over 30,000 words edited, illustrated and laid out in full colour to a highly professional standard.

So, Books for Sail is looking for authors who can write knowledgeably on subjects that would be useful to sailors and powerboaters. The sort of topics we’re looking for are: 

  • Practical seamanship.
  • Boatcraft advice and tips – maintenance etc.
  • Technical tips.
  • Domestic and administrative subjects – recipes, handling finances, cleaning the upholstery to name a few likely candidates
  • Cruising information. Perhaps a profile of a clearly defined cruising area – say the Outer Hebrides or South Brittany or even a single island such as Antigua.

 The phrase ‘write knowledgeably’ needs explanation and will depend upon the nature of the subject. For instance a doctor is well placed to write on medical matters but may not have the background to – let’s say – be the author of a piece on stripping an outboard motor. A motor mechanic’s qualifications would place him in exactly the opposite position. The object is to publish articles and e-books that are as accurate and technically correct as they possibly can be. The responsibility for errors rests with the author, though Books for Sail will do what it can to check all facts.

It has to be said that not every subject will have sufficient content to be worthy of an e-book. And it’s our intention that individual articles will always remain free-to-view, meaning that for a very short piece there will be no income accruing for either for Books for Sail or the author. But the good news is that e-books can be assembled by degrees. For example an article on Anguilla (the northernmost Leeward Island in the Caribbean) could be expanded, island by island, to make up an e-book on the whole chain. Recipes from a single author or even a group of consenting authors could likewise be gathered together into a compendium volume with the income split proportionately.

What will Books for Sail’s input and responsibilities be? 

  • Books for Sail will be responsible for all editing, illustrating and layout. Any editorial advice while the work is being written will be freely given. It’s our intention to help and guide authors as much as we can.
  • There is always the possibility that a submitted work may not be of a publishable standard and will be rejected. By working together we can do what we can to achieve a satisfactory result.
  • It is hoped the author will supply supporting photos where appropriate but Books for Sail may also contribute pictures from its own library.
  • The copyright for the text will always be in the author’s name and will be acknowledged within the work. International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) recording the author’s interest will be issued for every e-book.
  • The copyright for any artwork will remain with the illustrator but his or her fees will be the responsibility of Books for Sail. No contribution towards illustrative or other production costs will be sought from the author.
  • A written contract will be signed by both parties specifying the financial arrangements and conditions. An important undertaking from authors will be that their work is original and has not been plagiarised from other sources. Plagiarism is a crime for which the responsibility lies with the author. 

And the next step....? 

Please contact us with your ideas and possibly a short sample of your writing style.